Live Feature Film Screenings

Opening Film - Friday September 3rd at 6pm in the Martello Suite

The Last Roll.jpg

The Last Roll

Evan is a thirty-something actor who's on the verge of abandoning his dreams of stardom when he lands the lead role in a new sci-fi film. The only problem is it's an unpaid role. And the film's director is obsessed with tits. And the film itself will probably be a pile of shite. And Evan is still in love with an ex-girlfriend who left him years before. Other than that, though, things are looking up.

Directed, Produced and Written  by Dáire McNabb

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Friday September 3rd at 815pm in the Martello Suite

Are We Making a Film.jpg

Are We Making a Film? Behind the Scenes: Follow the Dead

A documentary about 6 young filmmakers and their team as they embarked on a journey to create their own feature film, Follow the Dead; a story about Millennials in Ireland encountering an undead phenomenon. As they discuss their trials and triumphs creating the film we begin to discover that they may have actually been more enamoured with something else they had created… A family.

Directed, produced and Written Adam William Cahill

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Saturday September 4th at 8pm in the Martello Suite

Black Eyes.jpg

Black Eyes

A young Irish Canadian man lands himself in prison while studying in his father's birthplace of Dublin. He must navigate through his sentence while coping with a loss.

Directed and Written by Dennis Long

Produced by Dennis Long, Jennifer Haufler and Augustina Ampofo

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Sunday September 5th at 2pm in the Kingston Suite

The Maltese Connection.jpg

The Maltese Connection

A female British agent Aureille is sent to Ireland to investigate the robbery of Bearer Bonds by Rory Baker. Betrayed and set up by a Priest, the agent goes Rogue in Malta, dodging the Baker's ruthless hit men and worse, her own boss Miranda.

Directed by Danny Patrick,

Written by Danny Patrick & Emily Corcoran

Produced by Alison Fenton

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Sunday September 5th at 415pm in the Kingston Suite

Welcome to Northern Ireland.jpg

Welcome To Northern Ireland

A down-on-his-luck expat returns to Northern Ireland after many years away. Upon arrival he is struck by the prosperity and throngs of tourists he sees. Filled with optimism and with the help of some public funding administered through a local business man and evangelist, he embarks on becoming a tour guide. Meanwhile he juggles a relationship with a woman whose job it is to accompany those seeking abortion to England. He slowly realises that everything comes at a cost and there are difficult decisions to be made about living in Northern Ireland.

Written, Directed and Produced by Michael MacBroom

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Sunday September 5th at 6pm in the Kingston Suite

Untold Secrets.jpg

Untold Secrets

Untold Secrets voices the experiences of Irish institution survivors and focuses on the life and upbringing of one survivor, Anne Silke. Silke was fostered out of the St. Mary, Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam at the age of 9 to the Killileas, a prominent political family from Tuam. Untold Secrets recounts her often brutal and abusive treatment at the hands of her foster family and reveals never seen before interviews with fellow survivors. Although Silke is now deceased the documentary gives a posthumous voice to Anne and possibly some closure to her family.

Written and Directed by Teresa Lavina

Produced by Teresa Lavina and Gavin Lennon

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Sunday September 5th at 8pm in the Martello Suite


Closing Film

A group of childhood friends get together for one of their kids birthday parties in Dublin. The next morning they wake up in a forest in the middle of nowhere being hunted down one by one by a masked serial killer.

Directed by Ian Adams

*Note:  The 12th Underground Cinema Film Festival Awards will be announced directly after this screening.  Awards will be  sent by post

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